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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prompt Revisited

In a previous blog last month I attempted to answer the prompt about a life changing song.
What I wrote was a pretty lame piece that day. Not that it wasn't true, but there was no passion in it. Since then there is a song that I can say changed my life. Funny thing is I can't even tell you the name of it. I can tell you the way it happened.

I have a FB friend that likes to post on her wall what she is listening to on Spotify. On this particular day I decided to click on the link and listen. It was a show tune, that much I can tell you, because it was on some Broadway's greatest album. After it finished I'm enjoying some of at the other songs when one jumped out at me. It intrigued me so muc that I searched it on YouTube. Next to it pops up all the other songs from the musical RENT. I never heard of this one. But I liked the music, so I check the library to see if they might have a copy, thinking it might be something my daughter and I can watch together when she's home for Thanksgiving break. Turns out, she's seen it a couple of times. Well, I home all alone on that Saturday, so I watch it. When it was over, it was like the smoke from all the fires of my life parted and I saw crystal clearly the missing pieces for live change. My life change. But then again, not really change, just back to who I am, but lost somewhere along the rough roads of trying to please people. Seems I've refocused and that is true change.

So thanks Steph for sharing. And share one of the songs with you....

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