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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grandma's Tree

The Christmas tree at Grandma's house was so different then our little tree. It was tall and skinny and always had a star at the top. (Well, there was the times when the silver tree was the rage, and she went for it, but we must forgive our loved ones for little indiscretions!) It had short, really short, needles and lots of room in between the branches. And bubble lights! Oh how I was fascinated by those lights.

Grandma's house always had lots of food. Homemade cookies were my favorite. Not just at Christmas, but every time we visited, I made a beeline to the kitchen cookie jar. Yummy! 

Family and friends always filled that house. Laughter and games happened on a regular basis there. Everybody always wanted to go to Grandma's.

Well there was one exception. My mom. Somehow I don't think she really liked her mother-in-law all that much. Guess Grandma just had to much control on my dad. Right until the end of his days.  I can't be to hard on Mom. She tried to do the best with what she had to put up with. Don't we all?

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