I can live without anything or anyone, but I cannot live without God!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Secrets are poison to relationships.
Innocently started to keep from hurting someone's feelings,
they will have the same effect as gasoline vapors.
One little spark and everything blows up.

One secret.
Almost three decades of pain.
It stayed in the dark for almost five years.
When it came to light, it almost killed me and my unborn child.
But because of him, I held on. Made it "work".
But slipped into a fog. Pain numbing denile of emotions.
Self protection.
Keep it hidden.
No one else needs to know.
Protect the one you love from the shame.
So it became a different form of secret to keep.
Days, months, years, decades go by.
Buried deep.
Almost don't recognize it is even there.
Oh but it is.
Poisoning relationship.
Causing pain without explanation.
Innocent little ones hurt.
Twenty plus years go by.
Then the spark.
Mother/daughter struggle.
Quite normal under the best of curcumstances.
But under these conditions, the fire rages and nothing is left untouched.
Can beauty rise from this?

I hate secrets.
They ruin lives.
They kill love.
They make us hide.
They make us untrue to ourselves and the ones we love.

Eventually they are exposed.