I can live without anything or anyone, but I cannot live without God!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


It wasn't very quiet in the quiet place this morning. Surprising for a Saturday morning. Seemed like there was even more noise than weekday, rushing to get to work noise.
I heard His whisper, "Listen to the birds."
So I concentrated on that. Above the motorcycle roar. 
Below the jet that took off from the airport.
Through the dog barking and the kids screaming. They just kept singing.
Marvelous notes of joy.
Their joy. My joy to hear.
So what is the point. Well two actually.

He took me to Psalm 50:11 "I know all the birds of the mountains." He knows each of them..He knows me and all that is happening around me....He never stops for one second. Always with me. Never forsaking me.
And so, I need to keep listening, through all the junk that life throws at me, to the joyous songs that are being sung, may they be ever so faint, they are still there.
Just listen.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mercy Me - Crazy Enough (with lyrics)

The Ones That Touched My Heart


There are a select few that have left scars on my heart.
The heart is a tender thing. Doesn't take much to hurt it.

How does a five year old understand that when her best friend's family moves away, it isn't her that is being rejected? Oh, Mary C., wherever you are, I still treasure that friendship.

Then there was Shelley. Grade school buds. We looked so cool in our white go-go boots!  Still remember the time I talked back to the teacher in 5th grade in your defense. Love will do foolish things sometimes. Then you too moved away. At least I knew where you went, even if Portland was a world away and I would never see you again.

Gail...we shared the heartache of finding out that the boys we thought liked us actually liked each other! Then the school district boundaries and high school pressures kept us apart. Okay, I admit, it was my own infatuation with some guy. Forgive me. You were a better friend then any guy could have been back then.

Lisa. My goodness, how I was put off by you the first time I met you.  First impressions aren't always right! Weekly lunch dates. Couples bibles studies. Sunday morning worship times. Seemed like it would never end. Yet, it did. Most tears I had ever shed up until recently were for you. Most people thought it was my mom's passing, but truth be known, it was not having time with you anymore.


The list is short. That's the way I am. Not sure why. Friendship isn't easy for me. Personality disorder? Maybe. My passion is real-maybe scary to them. So they leave. Or I push them out. Never the less, I still love each of them.

In all fairness there is one who I've left out. She is special. She is still part of my life, even if it is spatially. Thank you for genuineness and loyalty after all these years.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of Life's Unanswered Questions

Something caught my eye. Almost looked like a soft gray caterpillar. Curious, I leave my bench and go investigate. Not happy with what I find. Turns out to be a feather among other feathers. It wasn't identifiable right away, at least not until I found the small black, almost round one. This was the remains of a mourning dove. What happened to it, I will never know. But as I look around the quiet place, I realize that the feathers are wide spread. Maybe the wind just blew them around. I find no hint of any other remains, just feathers.

This discovery was made a few days ago. By now the feathers have, for the most part, blown away. But one thing remains behind. One very lonely mourning dove high on a telephone wire. She has been there every day that I've gone. There have been other birds. They love the quiet place as much as I do. However today, it's cold, and a bit rainy. She is the only bird I see. All alone in the same place. Waiting for one who will never return.

It forced me to come back a do a search on these little creatures. Do they mate for life? Will she stay there until she falls off from weakness due to lack of food? I'm so caught up in her plight that I couldn't give my quiet time its full attention. But maybe she is part of my quiet time. I have a thought (or a whisper from God?), "Don't wait around until you die".

As it turns out, mourning doves are quite loyal to their mates, but if forced to, they will not stay alone. This makes me feel better for the one high on the wire. Yet it is no guarantee. When I go back, she may not be there, and I will never know her plight. Did she fall off and die, or did she give up and move on?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where Have All the People Gone? (Reposted)

Granted, I am at an age when grandparents and even parents are not gracing this earth anymore. Still they are each one missed greatly. Memories flash through my mind, especially on holidays. Fifty plus years of memories. Lots of people.

But I don't think it should be like this.....maybe I'm totally wrong, in more ways than one.

Where is family? Work family is gone. Church family is non existent. And family family....not here.

Even the ones I live with aren't "here".

Someone who I hold most dear to my heart listed her interest as " Getting to spend time with the people that mean most in my life." Guess that doesn't include me. 

Sorry I'm not exciting, or fun, or eloquent. But I am sincerely passionate about caring and loving them all.