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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is It a Gift?

Discernment is a gift. But it sure can be a killjoy sometimes. For instance: A loved one is excited about finding just the right gift for you and tiny little words slip out in a conversation that makes you know what it is. So when the day of opening the present comes, the overwhelming sense of surprise and excitement has already taken place inside of you at the moment your figured it out. So the giver is disappointed with your reaction and thinks they have failed again, when really you do like the gift immensely, it's just that the surprise lost it's intensity.
Or at times when you just figure something out about the life of a person close to you, even when they have said nothing specific about what is going on directly to you. There is just some inner knowledge that let's you figure all the little details out. Sometimes it just brings pain to ourselves and those we love.

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