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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just Because

I'm not the leather furniture type. Never liked it in any way shape or form, or look! Not even the feel of it.  Well, I now have one piece in my living room. Thrift shop find. Granted it might not be real leather, but the point is, it's not upholstered with pretty fabric that holds dust and pet hair. Got my eye on another real leather couch at a different thrift store, but it is just a bit more expensive. Hoping to get the senior discount on Tuesday if it's not sold by then. So what does this have to do with gifts? Well it is two fold. Gift for the boy who likes to sit and play video games in a comfy chair, and a major step in the whole house overhaul for the girl who  has developed major allergies to this house and the cats since being gone for almost a year. Maybe it's too late, but I can hope....just because......

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