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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Broken Gift

What gift do you regret breaking?

Now how am I suppose to keep to my self proclaimed promise to stay upbeat and positive with a prompt like that? The best way would be to just ignore it and write something else, but it is stirring something deep inside, so here goes.

No, it's not a toy or a anything like that.
(Oh but there was the Barbie doll roadster that had it's front wheel broken.
Man that was a bummer!)
It wasn't any special piece of artwork or anything of a really delicate nature.
(Like the Grandma's crystal candy jar. Oh boy, was she upset!
It really was an accident!)

In fact, it isn't anything material at all, but just as fragile as a hand blown glass figurine.

It is the gift of friendship.

Specifically I'm thinking of a rather recent one that now lies on the "floor" in a shambles.
Yet this isn't the first one that I have single handily  broken with words or actions.

Social retard, should be stamped on my forehead. Maybe then people would just stay away and the pain of the broken relationships wouldn't scar my soul.

Even as I write this, a friend request popped up on my
Facebook page, and my heart jumped. Could it be?
Maybe there is a small mending of the scattered pieces.
But alas, it wasn't from the one  look for everyday.
Hoping. Praying. Mourning.

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