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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Tree Hunt

Before the days of the wonderful invention of artificial trees, there were tree lots on what seemed like every corner about this time of year. There were a couple that we usually revisited every year. Price was usually the driving factor on where to go. If we happened to stop at a different one, I could tell by the look on Mom's face they were too expensive.

We would all jump in the car with our warmest clothes on, which included a couple pairs of socks. Even then, our feet would freeze as we looked at a zillion trees. Couldn't be too tall. Couldn't be too fat. Had to have a straight trunk! Thankfully there were only four of us in the family. Can't imagine how much longer more peoples opinion would have made the process. But it seemed it was always Mom's approval that made the hurt end.

Then it would be tied down nice and tight on the roof of our Chevy and home we'd go.  Dad would cut off the bottom; a lot of the bottom. Made me wonder about why we picked that one over the shorter one? Oh well. Then into the stand and onto it's own little platform. Not sure about that either, but tradition is tradition, right?

Now comes the really "exciting" part: Dad and the lights! Now my father if he were here, would tell you he never said a swear word, but I am here, and I can tell you that's not true. This is one of the moments they slipped out. But eventually the job was done and on to the ornaments.

We each had our favorite that we HAD to be the one to hang on the tree. Still have mine, but I never put it on my tree now. It is really hideous! Strange how our taste change. There were the birds and the bells. The plain bulbs and the little houses. All of them smothered under a ton of tinsel!

Oh and on the top an angel? A star? No, just some very strange pointy thing. Another tradition not to be repeated!

What were some of your childhood Christmas/holiday traditions?

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