I can live without anything or anyone, but I cannot live without God!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Good Choice -- Deniece Williams

As we look around, it is easy to find other parents 
who seem more skillful in their roles that we are.
Yet God, who see our lives from beginning to end, 
has chosen to unfold His love to our children uniquely through us. 
We bring all that we have to Jesus. 
He takes our offering and transforms it, 
like the bread and fish, 
into just what our little one needs. 
God hasn't overlooked a single thing in His plan for your child--especially you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ephesians 6:1-3

Homework assignment for the week.  Read Ephesians Chapter 5 & 6.

"Again?", I thought.  "Didn't we just finish painstakingly going through that whole book in services at Elmbrook?  Am I really going to get more out of it?"  Now, of course that is a pretty silly thought for anyone who believes that the Word of God is alive and He speaks to us though it. "okay, I'll read it again, but please let the Spirit guide me!"

Then I got to the verses that I titled this blog. Wham!  Now for as many years as I've been a parent, I took it from that view point.  This time, however, I went back and thought about my sweet mother.  Now every parent wants the best for their child.  She was no exception.  She taught me all the moral things, the etiquette rules, work ethics, and how to drive. (had to throw that last one in. You would have to have known her to really understand!) 

"so that it may be well with you".  Don't we all want our lives to go well?  Why is it  when we are young, that everything they are trying to do is for our good.  God's word is verifying it!  Yes, I am saying that there are many things she was teaching, but I wasn't listening to.  Parts of my life didn't "go well" and how I wish I could change them.  Instead  we learn from our stubbornness years later.  Then we try really hard to do what our parent tried to do......keep our children from making the same mistakes, so they won't suffer the pain we did.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Stand at the Door

I stand at the door of your heart and knock.
ever so softly at first.
Just a slight tap, tap, tap.
You don't hear.
I try a little louder. Harder.
You still don't answer.
I need you to hear me, so I call out.
Still no answer.
I start pounding at the door.
Start yelling in hope you will hear.
Then the screams.
No response. You are in there. I see you.
Why won't you turn and look?
Why don't you hear me?
see my tears?
I'm am exhausted. No more strength for even the smallest tap.
Maybe you will hear the silence.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Choices made.

Choices that ended badly.
Choices that brightened your life.
Choices in fashion.
Choices of environment.
Choices for dinner.
Choices in music.
Choices in people to spend time with.
Little choices.
Big choices.
All have an impact.
On you.
On others.
Make them with wisdom.
Make them in love.

Accept Yourself

Have you ever begged God to change you?
Over and over the cry of your heart seems to be
"God I'm so imperfect, please help me change!" 
Does it seem like God is ignoring you? 
News flash: He is!
He doesn't make junk.
He doesn't make mistakes.
And He made YOU just the way you are.
The secret isn't for you to be changed.
It is for you to accept yourself the way you are in
God's perfect will just who He meant you to be.
To try and separate yourself from your faults and mistakes is to is to be someone else.
The secret to living the life God has for you is to accept yourself to see that
everything about you is created by God for His good purpose.
Then you must love who you are. 
Only then can you rest in His perfect love.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Love Somebody Like You

As I saw listening to this song this morning, I got a fresh perspective on the words.

I want to love somebody (everybody!) like you (Jesus).  Let the sunshine (Son shine) down on you and me.

Listen to it in that vein.  

"Love Sombody Like You" by Keith Urban
It is my song of the day, and the rest of my life!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Everybody's Find

Little know movie about a widower father who's kids are spread out all over the country. Kind of sad. I had to fight to hold back the tears.  Why am I mentioning it here?  It had a powerful message.  One that I find myself struggling with.  Parent vs child.  Not a battle in the true sense, but the wounds that result are just as painful and hard to recover from as if they came from a war wound.

As I watched I could relate as both parent and child. Something my stage of life has rewarded me with. But here is the point. We too often hurt the ones we love when we are trying to protect them from hurting!

Parents just want the best for their kids.  We wish for them to not have to suffer the same growing pains we had to go through.  Not really possible, but never the less, that is the goal.  The advise given, if they are normal, loving parents, is to help, never harm. 
We want to instill excellence.  Make them develop to their full potential.
But they end up viewing it as being about what they do as what makes the parent proud.  If they fall short of their potential, we may be disappointed for them, but not disappointed with them. The sad part is that kids just can't understand.
As a parent, I am proud of my kids for who they are, not what they do. 
I love them just because they are mine. Period.
No strings attached.
Always and forever.

Private Places

We all have them. Those thoughts that we hide from the general public of our lives. 
Memories, some good, some bad, some just vague shadows filled with feelings. 
Dreams of what we would like our future to be. What we want to accomplish, where we want to go, who we want to share it with.  How we want to impact the world.
All kinds of dreams, hopes, desires, maybe even fantasies.
Personal. Private. Even sacred.
It is humbling to share them,
but more humbling to be the one trusted enough allowed into those places belonging to someone else.
What an honor.
What a privilege.
What a responsibility.
It must be earned. With trust. With respect. With friendship.
But mostly with unconditional love.

Having someone to share the private places with makes life worth living.