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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Voice

I don't watch the television much. It became an addition once upon a time un my life, so I basically just stopped watching.

However, I got hooked a this season of The Voice.
Amazing talents!

I have a hard time each Monday, like most viewers, picking who not to vote for. They are all so good.

One of my favorites got sent home last night. I keep thinking it wasn't her voice that sent her home. In the beginning of the show, judges don't see the contestant. Blind rounds. If America only heard, and not seen Sarah, would she still be on? We are so caught up in dress size and "beauty" that our view is slanted by it? Unfortunately, it matters. It shouldn't, but it does.
Maybe it was just that she put too much emotion into her live performance that her true voice qualities were hidden.
Whatever the reason, I will miss her performances. Hopefully she will keep on trying and somewhere, sometime, we will see her on stage again.

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