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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rags and Tags

Typical of most little girls, I collected numerous stuffed animals as a little girl.
My bed was full of all sorts of creatures.
From the good old teddy bear to an amazingly large purple pig.
Was there a favorite among them all? That is a hard question to answer.
As I think back on that time, decades ago, one vivid memory comes through.

It was Christmas.
I'm pretty sure that there had been one of many repeated requests for a puppy.
My parents just weren't the dog owner type.
So as much as they loved to please their little girls,
a dog was not going to be under the glittering lights of the tree.
Santa just didn't have the power. Or did he?
Well it wasn't exactly the wiggly, cute, soft, little creature we wanted, but....
not one but two black and white stuffed doggies.
They were quite life like in their appearance.

Years later, when as an adult, I had the fortune of getting a real dog,
God brought the real live thing into my home. A Springer spaniel named Brittney.
She looked just like those twin stuffed doggies that Santa placed in the arms of my big sister and me.
They were as close to a favorite as I can remember.

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