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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wake up call

4:14 am

Yeap, I'm awake. Must have been the birds starting to sing the first notes of praise before sunrise. I never heard my husband leave for work, which was half hour before. Maybe subconsciously I did. Just enough to make that first chirp awaken me.

So what do you do at that hour of the morning, wide awake? Same as the birds. Start praising God for a wonderful nights sleep, and a promise of another day.

Then a couple of good sermons via the wonders of the Internet.
Right now the pastor of choice is John Piper.
The subject, Hebrews.
In true Piper style it has taken 14 weeks to get to Chapter 4 verse 1.
But his insight is so amazing!  I'd love to post each one of them here, but I know you won't bother to listen to them. However, if you are craving deep insights of an amazing book of scripture, www.desiringgod.org is the place to find it.

Then a few snatches of sleep.
This is always very dangerous. Satan hates it when I've spent that early morning time with my God, and so he sneaks in my dreams with weird thoughts. Then on to an onslaught  attach that reduced me to tears that would not end until I took time to go to the quiet place. Thank you Jesus that I didn't have to go to work today. Our time was sweet, and I am in a stable place once again, as only You can make me.

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