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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Losing Everthing

A friend of mine has in the last 48 hours sold just about everything she owned in order to make her rent payment.
Everything she worked so hard for, gone, just to pay a month's rent.
I know for a fact that she had not eaten much of anything for a week, but she was okay with that, it fit in with her goal of weight loss.
How can a hard working person, like herself be in such a place? She is not alone.
I gave her the true, but not very helpful line, "Everything is for a reason." It is so hard to see at the moment of it happening. I should have gone farther into the explanation, but work is not the place. Maybe she will read this.

What do we trust in? In stuff? In pay checks? In our own abilities? If we put stock in us, we will be very disappointed. We are human, we feel hurt, disappointment, frustration and it come out in bad timing and inappropriate places sometimes. Sometimes we just start swinging not caring were the blows land or who we hurt. Sometime, just an innocent remark ends up hurting when it wasn't meant to.
Oh to be perfect. Have everything go perfectly.
Someday, the other side of this life,it will be-we will be. That is where I put my trust.
In the One who is perfect and has promised that all who believe Him will find perfection of themselves through Him.
In the end, when all is said and done, peace and contentment are found in one place.
His name is Jesus.

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