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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rediscovering Love

Some things just hurt. Deep painful wounds that seems at the moment of infliction will never heal. The moment splits the persons involved forever.
Or so it seems.
Years go by.
Wasted years where there could have been a loving relationship, but the painful memory just sets itself up in the form of a brick wall. Separation results.

Personally, I have had almost three decades of such a relationship with one who knew me from the beginning of my days on earth. Better than half of our lives have been ruled by the "unforgivable".

Yet one day, arranged by divine circumstances, we took a walk. We talked. We showed our own weaknesses and sorrows about the wound. We hugged. We forgave.

It has been a year since that walk. Hours separate us geographically, so face to face with each other is rare. But we made it happen recently. There is a love that has been rediscovered.

How many people let something that they believe is unforgivable to stop love cold?  I believe it really isn't the wound or the pain that stops love. It is more the hurt pride that says, "How could you have done this to ME?" Then the wall that stops communications go up.

Truth is that if you look deep into yourself, you see that there is just as much you are capable to "doing" to cause wounds. Each of us can and will until we lose our prideful attitude. Once that tumbles, humility can pick up the pieces and rebuild, restore, rediscovere love.

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