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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hanging On a Wall


Just what is it that makes a painting or drawing get chosen to hang in a famous gallery?

Controversial statement?
Classic tale put in visual?
Heart wrenching subject?

Tonight I view only a tiny portion of one art museums collection of drawings. Unfortunately not in person. Just through the less than flattering medium of the Internet.

The variety is amazing. And it made me ask the question deep within my soul, "Do I have any talent?" I tend to look at the classics and say "Never could I do such a marvelous work!"  Then I look at what appears to be merely childish scribbles and say, "Really? This is in a museum?"

So what does it take? Courage? Lessons? Money? All of these are lacking from my experiences. Yet ever time I look upon some one's work, my spirit yells in a silent whisper, "You can do this."

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