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Monday, September 3, 2012

Where Have All the People Gone? (Reposted)

Granted, I am at an age when grandparents and even parents are not gracing this earth anymore. Still they are each one missed greatly. Memories flash through my mind, especially on holidays. Fifty plus years of memories. Lots of people.

But I don't think it should be like this.....maybe I'm totally wrong, in more ways than one.

Where is family? Work family is gone. Church family is non existent. And family family....not here.

Even the ones I live with aren't "here".

Someone who I hold most dear to my heart listed her interest as " Getting to spend time with the people that mean most in my life." Guess that doesn't include me. 

Sorry I'm not exciting, or fun, or eloquent. But I am sincerely passionate about caring and loving them all.

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