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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ones That Touched My Heart


There are a select few that have left scars on my heart.
The heart is a tender thing. Doesn't take much to hurt it.

How does a five year old understand that when her best friend's family moves away, it isn't her that is being rejected? Oh, Mary C., wherever you are, I still treasure that friendship.

Then there was Shelley. Grade school buds. We looked so cool in our white go-go boots!  Still remember the time I talked back to the teacher in 5th grade in your defense. Love will do foolish things sometimes. Then you too moved away. At least I knew where you went, even if Portland was a world away and I would never see you again.

Gail...we shared the heartache of finding out that the boys we thought liked us actually liked each other! Then the school district boundaries and high school pressures kept us apart. Okay, I admit, it was my own infatuation with some guy. Forgive me. You were a better friend then any guy could have been back then.

Lisa. My goodness, how I was put off by you the first time I met you.  First impressions aren't always right! Weekly lunch dates. Couples bibles studies. Sunday morning worship times. Seemed like it would never end. Yet, it did. Most tears I had ever shed up until recently were for you. Most people thought it was my mom's passing, but truth be known, it was not having time with you anymore.


The list is short. That's the way I am. Not sure why. Friendship isn't easy for me. Personality disorder? Maybe. My passion is real-maybe scary to them. So they leave. Or I push them out. Never the less, I still love each of them.

In all fairness there is one who I've left out. She is special. She is still part of my life, even if it is spatially. Thank you for genuineness and loyalty after all these years.

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