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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Life worth celebrating

Ninety years ago a baby was born. She had older brothers and would have younger sisters and more brothers. Born in a time of poverty with all those siblings caused hard decisions to be made. A stay at an orphanage. Heartache for parents who couldn't feed her and her little sister. What goes through a little girl's mind though such circumstances?  How does that effect the woman she grows to be.

Her fate was good. Great people took her in. And another couple took her sister. Yet there was always that lingering fear. She was my mom. She passed the fears on to me, ever so unintentionally. And I guess I passed them on to at least one of my own. How to break that mold?

 Her life was hard most of her years.

Yet she was good, kind, loving and generous, despite the fear.

Rest in peace mom. We still think of you and will always love you.

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