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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ephesians 6:1-3

Homework assignment for the week.  Read Ephesians Chapter 5 & 6.

"Again?", I thought.  "Didn't we just finish painstakingly going through that whole book in services at Elmbrook?  Am I really going to get more out of it?"  Now, of course that is a pretty silly thought for anyone who believes that the Word of God is alive and He speaks to us though it. "okay, I'll read it again, but please let the Spirit guide me!"

Then I got to the verses that I titled this blog. Wham!  Now for as many years as I've been a parent, I took it from that view point.  This time, however, I went back and thought about my sweet mother.  Now every parent wants the best for their child.  She was no exception.  She taught me all the moral things, the etiquette rules, work ethics, and how to drive. (had to throw that last one in. You would have to have known her to really understand!) 

"so that it may be well with you".  Don't we all want our lives to go well?  Why is it  when we are young, that everything they are trying to do is for our good.  God's word is verifying it!  Yes, I am saying that there are many things she was teaching, but I wasn't listening to.  Parts of my life didn't "go well" and how I wish I could change them.  Instead  we learn from our stubbornness years later.  Then we try really hard to do what our parent tried to do......keep our children from making the same mistakes, so they won't suffer the pain we did.

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