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Sunday, March 18, 2012


My favorite color is yellow.

Now that doesn't seem like a very exciting statement.
Maybe an interesting fact you didn't know about me, but that's about all.

Oh, my friends, it is so much more. All the way to profound.
You see for years I've been saying that my favorite color is purple.
It is my husband's favorite, so  I  just said it was mine too.

In actual fact, I had no idea what my favorite color was.
Why would it take 50 plus years to figure something so simple like that out?
Truth is that I didn't think I had permission to have my own opinion about anything.

As a young girl I remember picking out yellow carpet for my room and being told it would be too hard to keep clean. I wanted to paint the house yellow, but told it would stick out too much.  So my little girl's opinion held no weight. And so I grew into one who believed that my own desires where inferior.  Better to just ignore what I liked and bend to make everybody else "happy".

 How truly out of tune to the unique me I have been.

Curious as to why now this big change has come? Stay "tuned".......

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