I can live without anything or anyone, but I cannot live without God!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Overtaken by emotions.  Overtaken by pain.  Overtaken by....


The loss of a child.  
That can  be in different ilks. 
Each has its own distress.
Each has it's own depth of pain.

There is the loss through miscarriage.
Pain of the unknown face that you would have kissed so sweetly. 
Imagined times of love and laughter never experienced.
Regret. Guilt. Questions.

There is the loss through death. 
Pain of memories of  that sweet face never being kissed again. 
Countless moments remembered of love and laughter. 
Anger. Hurt. Questions.

There is the loss through rebellion.
Frightening moments.
Fear and guild.
Hurt, regret, and even more questions.

Then there is the loss through growth. 
The most natural.
The one anticipated.
Yet still there is pain.  Though this one has few questions. 
Just sweet memories and the dull ache of wishing it could have lasted just a bit longer.

Overtaken by the memories.
And the tear flow.

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